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Lars Ullberg, Executive Producer

Entertainment Labs

600 Moulton Avenue

Suite 204

Los Angeles, CA  90031



About Entertainment Labs

Entertainment Labs is an independent TV production company started by Emmy Award winner Lars Ullberg to provide unique forms of documentary and entertainment programming. 

Entertainment Labs began in Chicago as IRIS Productions when Lars combined his filmmaking talents with science and social engineering.  The result was a company that has been setting new standards in developing and producing insightful entertainment for nearly 20 years.  Clients have included: NBC, ABC, A&E, IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, The Smithsonian Institution, and Encyclopedia Britannica.

Entertainment Labs specializes in providing creative approaches to Reality and Documentary Programming of all kinds.  We try to push the envelope with fast-paced combinations of action, music, and specialty cinematography to inform and entertain.  We own and operate several specially rigged production cameras including micro-cam, lipstick, time lapse, hidden camera, steadicam, and portacrane configurations.

Some of our best success comes from making the most of these unique tools while keeping costs down.

Current Projects:

Modern Marvels: BULLETPROOF!

History Channel


Video Game


Original Feature:




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